Qigong for Cancer Care


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Entanglement Hypnotherapy is the way to notice where your attention has taken you. How your attachment to certain life events and experiences has held our focus trapped in time. For instance, you felt traumatised spilling hot coffee on someone’s lap when you were 19.  You still may relive that trauma years later when carrying hot […]

A Timely Message from Alan Oken

Being the writer, director and actor in your soul’s life An individuated personality usable for the soul’s intent (which briefly stated is “the expansion of consciousness”) requires an attitude of loving detachment. We must thus strive to observe our “personal movie” and not just remain an unconscious player in our own or anyone else’s film. […]

Researchers Identify New Brain Pathways Linked to Addiction

This article explains how manipulating newly identified pathways can reduce drug seeking behaviour As humans, we are all addictive by nature. Therefore, this new discovery shows that with brain pathway manipulation, we could end this destructive cycle. This means we may be able to break the circuitry that causes these types of addictions: Drugs Alcohol Gambling […]

Brainspotting Asia Pacific

Brainspotting Australia Pacific 18 June Recently Dr Norman Doidge, author of How the Brain Changes Itself, said this of Brainspotting and its developer Dr David Grand. “David Grand is one of the most important and effective psychological trauma therapists now practicing, and his development of Brainspotting is a very important leap forward in helping people […]

Bruce Lipton

Introduction to Spontaneous Evolution – Dr Bruce Lipton For those of you interested in the work of Dr Bruce Lipton whose amazing work on Biology of Belief and the field of Epigenetics and Quantum Physics, this extraordinary video tracks the separation of energy/field and materialism, and the understanding scientifically of why the current systems need […]