Qigong for Cancer Care

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Simon Blow Qigong Cancer Care Video

Qigong is one of the branches of the holistic systems of traditional Chinese medicine. Qigong has been used as part of cancer patients treatment since ancient times as well as the present. Qigong self healing exercises help clear stagnation, heat and inflammation in the meridian system of the body allowing the cancer patients to increase health and longevity, release stress and anxiety and discover peace of mind.

One of the most widely ask questions is can qigong cure cancer? Within traditional Chinese medicine practice, the practitioner treats the stagnation of Qi (Chi – Life Force Energy), not the illness!

Once the Qi function comes into balance, the patient will begin to heal themselves.

Guigen medical qigong for cancer patients has six different sections with gentle movements stimulating the Meridians, increasing the blood and the Qi flow helping to improve organ function.

Section 1: Holistic Regulation
Section 2: Earth Element – Spleen and Stomach
Section 3: Metal Element – Lung and Large Intestine
Section 4: Water Element – Kidney and Bladder
Section 5: Wood Element – Liver and Gall Bladder
Section 6: Fire Element – Heart and Small Intestine

Qigong for Cancer Care

Forms of Qigong Simon Blow teaches includes:

  • Quigen
  • Dan Yan Wild Goose Qigong
  • The Six Healing Sounds Qigong
  • Taiji Hunyuan Zhuang (Longevity) Qigong
  • Ba Duan Jin and
  • Five Elements Qigong Meditation
  • Heavenly Orbit Qigong Meditation