Bruce Lipton – Introduction to Spontaneous Evolution

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Introduction to Spontaneous Evolution – Dr Bruce Lipton – VIDEO

For those of you interested in the work of Dr Bruce Lipton whose amazing work on Biology of Belief and the field of Epigenetics and Quantum Physics, this extraordinary video tracks the separation of energy/field and materialism, and the understanding scientifically of why the current systems need to collapse, as they will.

We are also assured there is not need for fear as this will be inevitable and in line with Evolution.

Restoring the true value of the place of the mind/consciouness and its interconnectedness to the health of the body will continue to underly the work of sustaining health and wellness of not merely the body, but of humanity as a whole.

Science and Spirituality merging to take us forward.

Whilst it is 1 1/2 hrs, Dr Bruce is so engaging, I found it easy to follow and be absorbed by, that time went so quickly.